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For today Western Union takes the leading position on the market of fast money transfers. In yet another variant of this scam, the buyer will provide a real Western Union Money Transfer Control Number (MCTN) to the seller, which can be checked on the Western Union website. However the buyer will not tell the seller who sent the money, thereby making it impossible to receive those funds. It's like showing someone a wad of dollar bills but not handing over the money. With the help of Western Union and MoneyGram you can transfer money to relatives, friends and colleagues. Western Union is a global leader in international money transfer. Send money around the world today. Money transfer can be made within a couple of minutes in the official service points worldwide, although the transfer of cash from some places may take up to 48 hours. Western Union telegrams were transmitted through a store and forward message switching system. Early versions were manual telegraph systems. Later systems using teleprinters were semi-automatic, using punched paper tape to receive, store, and retransmit messages. Plan 55-A, Western Union's last paper tape based switching system (1948 - 1976), was fully automatic, with automatic routing. Western Union agent locations. Western Union is subject to a wide range of laws and regulations and has a team dedicated to addressing these areas.

Western Union: list of places, page 1
# Name Address Phone
Armii Krajowej 5 Otwock, Mazowieckie 05-400
Powstancow Warszawy 17 Otwock, Mazowieckie 05-400