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Western Union is a global leader in international money transfer. Send money around the world today. Western Union was founded in the United States, in this country and is currently its head office. The process is simple in that once the application form has been completed, Western Union will provide you with an instant quote for the cost of your fees in your local currency and this quotation is guaranteed for 72 hours. Once you agree to the offer, you will then be required to instruct your own bank (this can also be done via internet banking) to transfer funds in your local currency to Western Union. Western Union telegrams were transmitted through a store and forward message switching system. Early versions were manual telegraph systems. Later systems using teleprinters were semi-automatic, using punched paper tape to receive, store, and retransmit messages. Plan 55-A, Western Union's last paper tape based switching system (1948 - 1976), was fully automatic, with automatic routing.

Western Union: list of places, page 1
# Name Address Phone
Konakli Carsi Sb Alanya Alanya Antalya Antalya, 07400
Sekerhane Mah.sevket Tokus Cad 6/11 Alanya Antalya, 07400
Sugozu Mh M Cevre Yolu Telekom Yani Alanya, Antalya 07400
Alanya Subesi Alanya Branch Alanya, Antalya 07400
Gullerpinari-antalya Br Hasan Akcalioglu Cd Liva Apt No 1-2 Antalya, Tr
Sugozu Mah Cevre Yolu Uzeri 2 Alanya Antalya Antalya, Turkey